Outdoor Lighting Installation

Whether you desire a soft glow or bright illumination; a custom-designed outdoor lighting system from M&M Lawn and Irrigation, LLC can add beautiful and functional curb appeal and safety to any home or business.

M&M Lawn and Irrigation, LLC specializes in outdoor landscape and decorative feature lighting for your lawn, walk or driveways, pools, ponds, gazebos, spas and more.

M&M Lawn and Irrigation, LLC features the following lighting options:

• Halogen Lighting
• Eco-Friendly LED Lighting
• Digital and Photocell Timers
• Stainless Steel Transformers
• Security Lighting
• Patio Strings
• Lamp Post Lighting
• Wall Lighting
• Feature Lighting

Let M&M Lawn and Irrigation, LLC provide you and your property with appropriate and appealing outdoor lighting that improves your property's appearance and provides additional safety.