landscape drainage services lake charles la

Prevent Puddles and Foundation Damage with Help From M & M Lawn & Irrigation

Arrange for landscape drainage services in Moss Bluff or Lake Charles, LA

Excess water in your yard can attract mosquitoes, foster mold growth, create a muddy lawn and even lead to foundation damage. Thankfully, M & M Lawn & Irrigation can help you avoid all these consequences. We offer residential and commercial landscape drainage services in Moss Bluff, Lake Charles, LA and the surrounding area.

We'll design and install a customized water drainage system that will address all possible water accumulation issues. Set up an appointment with our team today to get a drainage system installation.

What types of drains do you need?

Not all drainage systems are alike. Our landscape drainage services include installing:

Catch basins
Planter drains
Channel drains
Subsurface drains
French-style drains

Not sure what kind of drain you need. Talk to our team today about your needs. We'll create a custom drainage system installation plan.