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Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

M & M Lawn & Irrigation is the premier irrigation installation and maintenance company in Moss Bluff, Lake Charles, LA & the Southwest Louisiana area!

Our professionally insured, licensed and bonded irrigation specialists can design, install, and maintain a customized irrigation system that will improve the value of your home or business, and sustain the health and appearance of your lawn and landscaping.

M & M Lawn & Irrigation specializes in: System Layout and Design: Our experienced and creative staff will work with you to customize your system's layout within your property, and design a system that flows with its aesthetics and irrigation needs. In addition, M&M offers a variety of operating systems that can be manually operated or set for an automatic irrigation cycle of your choice.

System Installation and Additions:
M&M will install a new and customized system to meet the needs of proper irrigation maintenance, along with needed additions to currently installed systems. M&M's additions work in conjunction with the previous installations to provide a smooth flowing irrigation system.

System Maintenance and Repair:
M&M provides fast and efficient repair to all types of irrigation systems, with optional recommendations for system, coverage, and equipment improvements.

"Head to Head" Irrigation Coverage:
M&M specializes in "Head to Head" irrigation coverage that guarantees all areas of the property are evenly irrigated, without over watering and excessive overlapping of streams.

Irrigation System Winterization:
M&M provides winterization services to all types of residential and commercial irrigation systems to protect the equipment from harsh weather and winter freezing. Winterization of system pipes and pumps prevent breakage, which can lead to leakage, expensive repairs and equipment replacements, and contamination of the property and surrounding water sources. M&M recommends all irrigation systems maintain a proper winterization program to protect system investments.

Greywater Filter Systems (New Construction Projects Only)

Digital and Hybrid Controllers

Wired and Wireless Rain Sensors

Flow Sensor Systems (Automatic shutdown when leakage)